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Want to get hosted at Euphoric Realms? Just read the following terms before applying.

What You Will Get

1 Subdomain:
25-100 MB space, depending on site
1 email account:
PHP4 support
WordPress installed upon request (4 accounts remaining)
MySQL/phpMyAdmin installed upon request
CGI/Perl scripts installed upon request (Note: still testing)
A private FTP account

What's Prohibited

File Types: *.exe, *midi, *.mp3, *.avi, *.mov, *mpg or any other multimedia files.
Redistribution or plagiarisation of copyrighted and/or licensed materials.
Content: racism, prejudice due to colour, creed, or belief, pornography, profanity or obscene language, and other violent/malicious content.
Sending Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE, aka SPAM).


  • You must provide a quality sample of your work online.
  • Good designing, artistic, or writing skill.
  • You should know intermediate HTML and/or PHP.
  • Have access to an FTP application. I will provide help in setting up your FTP account if you require it.
  • You need to update every so often. Exactly how often is up to you, just as long as I won't be hosting any dead sites.

I do make exceptions though; if for example you are particularly talented in a certain area (such as writing or drawing), your site might be accepted even though it doesn't have a beautifully designed layout.

Final Notes

  • If I find that you have broken any of my rules, I reserve the right to delete your account, with or without warning.
  • I will provide help on setting up your FTP and email account, as well as how to use phpMyAdmin (including PHP scripting) if you require it. However, since I am quite new with Wordpress and CGI/Perl scripts, I may not be able to help you out but instead, point you in the right direction.
  • I backup the server every Sunday night at 10:00PM AEST. However, you should make backups of your own site (including phpMyAdmin databases, if any) just in case something goes wrong on my side. I will not be held responsible for any lost data.
  • If you have been accepted, please have something uploaded and visible to the public within one week. A simple "Coming Soon" page will do. If you don't, I will give you one warning and if in two days I have not received a reply, nor seen any improvement on your website, I will delete your account.

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