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  • iStockphoto // Purchase & download royalty-free stock photography
  • Linotype // Purchase & download high-quality fonts
  • Pixelgirl Presents // Download system replacement icons and wallpapers
  • stock.xchng // Download free stock photography
  • The Iconfactory // Download system replacement icons
  • Veer // Purchase & download royalty-free stock resources

Web Design


  • 3hive // A daily dose of free and legal MP3s from interesting artists
  • Ads of the World // A blog archiving creative ads from every corner of the world
  • Joshuaink // Much more than your average web standards blog
  • Riffs // Rate, rant, rave and review on anything you want
  • Signal vs. Noise // A web log owned by the people behind 37signals
  • Zeldman // Bringing news and info on the world of web design and development


Link Me

If text links aren't your thing, then upload either one of the buttons below to your own server and have it link back to Remember, direct-linking is not allowed.

Euphoric Realms Euphoric Realms Euphoric Realms

If you require a different size button, tell me and I'll be happy to create one for you.